V4.1 Patch Notes

February 07, 2018|updates

Hey Hypers!

Welcome to patch 4.1. You can read all about the changes coming to Hyper Universe below:

General Updates

New Hyper

  • Captain Red has joined the fight for Hyper Universe.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Preseason runs from February 8 - February 22

  • Forgotten Hero Allen skin available

Season 1 officially starts on February 22

  • Sonny Boy Sonya skin will be available in Season 1

Qualifications to unlock Ranked Mode have now been adjusted. You must:

  • Be account level 15
  • Have at least 12 Hypers available (Includes Free Rotation)

All ranks are now set to 'Unranked'

Rank Story Reward

  • Win 30 ranked matches to unlock Forgotten Hero Allen skin through Story mode.

  • Wins during Early Access and Pre-Season will count towards earning the skin.

Prologue Changes

  • The “Select a Controller Method” menu has been removed in the Prologue.

  • The prologue is now more intuitive where it will automatically detect if you're playing on a supported controller or keyboard and switch your keybindings.

Missions and UI Update

  • A new weekly mission called “That’s Hardcore” has been added that reward players a Hyper Core after playing 5 matches.  This mission will reset every Monday at 8AM UTC.

  • The Missions menu will now expand when you log into Hyper Universe.

Map / Mode Change

  • Siege Tank Health -15%.

  • Siege Damage -10%.

  • Difficulty level against enemy AI has been lowered for players under account level 5.

Hyper Balance


[Skill] Dark Slumber

  • Duration decreased from 2 sec to 1.7 sec

[Skill] Dark Slumber (Enhanced)

  • Duration decreased from 1.5 sec to 1.3 sec

[Skill] Feast of Blood

  • Decreased health restored from enemies in the zone from 5% to 3.5%

Blue Rose

[Regular Attack] Regular Attack

  • Range decreased by 100

[Skill] Deadly Barrage

  • Duration decreased from 4 sec to 3 sec

  • Range lowered by 100


Regular Attack

  • Damage factor raised from 0.6 to 0.65


[Skill] Shield of Light

  • Increased time this skill can occur from 7 sec to 8 sec


[Skill] Bird of Prey

  • Skill Change: Increase your Attack by 8% within 1300 units

Equipment Balance

Vile Chalice [Unique to Migenhardt]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)

  • Life Steal decreased from 15% to 10%

  • Life Steal Cap decreased from 20% to 15%

Mantle of Blood [Unique to Migenhardt]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)

  • Decreased additional health restored from enemies in the Blood Void from 5% to 3.5%

Breastplate of Aquinas [Unique to Valter]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)

  • Decreased Shield of Light's reapply time from 2 sec to 1.5 sec

Forbidden Spell (Unique to Cain)


  • Attack increased from 25 to 40

  • Defense decreased from 25 to 10

Dragon's Bane [Shared Equipment]


  • Price increased from 6,286 to 6,335       


  • Attack increased from 40 to 45

Whitesteel [Shared Equipment]


  • Attack increased from 30 to 40

  • Defense decreased from 30 to 20

Knight's Halberd [Shared Equipment]


  • Increased from 6,064 to 6,190


  • Attack increased from 30 to 40

  • Cooldown decreased from 15% to 10%

Lightning Cross [Shared Equipment]


  • Increased from 5,993 to 6,246


  • Attack increased from 25 to 30

Foul Totem [Shared Equipment]


  • Increased from 5,800 to 6,220


  • Health Regen increased from 75% to 100%

Exclusive Effect (Stage 1)

  • Raised max health increase when you kill or assist in killing a hyper from 30 to 50

  • Decreased max number of stacks from 20 to 15

Kevlar Helmet [Shared Equipment]


  • Increased from 6,139 to 6,271


  • Defense increased from 30 to 35

Shock Knuckles [Shared Equipment]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 3)

  • Decreased Attack and Defense bonus from .5% of Max HP to 0.25% of Max HP

Demonic Spellbook [Shared Equipment]


  • Decreased from 5,965 to 5,758


  • Attack decreased from 44 to 35

  • Defense decreased from 44 to 35

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)

  • Decreased Max Health bonus from Devil's Contract 6th token from 444 to 300

Soul Sphere (Shared Equipment)


  • Decreased from 6,029 to 5,891


  • Attack decreased from 20 to 15

  • Defense decreased from 20 to 15

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)

  • Decreased Max Health restored every second from 10% to 8%

  • Increased stat loss time from 30 sec to 75 sec

Executioner's Scythe [Shared Equipment]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 4)

  • Increased Health gain upon critical hit to enemies from 55 to 60

  • Decreased cooldown from 1.5 sec to 1 sec

Verdant Crescent [All Hypers]


  • Decreased from 6,140 to 5,965


  • Defense decreased from 20 to 15

War Horn [Shared Equipment]


  • Increased from 5,935 to 6,068

Defiler's Flail [All Hypers]


  • Decreased from 6,243 to 6,064


  • Decreased Health from 350 to 300

Star Stalker's Dagger [Shared Equipment]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 1)

  • Decreased max extra experience upon killing a monster from 15 to 10, depending on time

Exclusive Effect (Stage 3)

  • Increased fixed damage when attacking monsters from 22 to 32

  • Cooldown decreased from 3.5 sec to 2.5 sec

  • Increased max damage from 40 based on level 10 to 50 based on lv.10

Dread Mantle [Shared Equipment]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 3)

  • Decreased Defense stat stolen per hit from 3 to 2

  • Decreased Movement Speed percent stolen per hit from 3% to 2%

Hellfire Lance [Shared Equipment]

Exclusive Effect (Stage 3)

  • Decreased Defense gained from attack from 10% to 6%

MISC Changes

New players will now be able to select whether they want to start as a Beginner or Expert

  • Selecting as a Beginner will automatically start an AI Beginner match.
  • Selecting "Expert" will automatically start a regular match.
  • Players who are account level 5 and under might automatically be matched into an AI beginner match if there are no players present in a Regular Match within a period of time.

Move Speed Cap increase items can no longer be stacked. Players with these items in previous builds before the v4.1 patch will have their builds reset upon login.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue with Celine's Superstar skin sometimes breaking in skin preview

  • Fixed an issue with Perseus' skill, Controlled (Q), not launching every Hyper when flipping backwards

  • Fixed an issue with Aisha's skills causing performance issues in the Training Room

  • Fixed the issue where you were unable to modify your pad keys via your game pad

  • Added the mouse scroll function via "right analogue stick" in Lobby

  • Increased the speed of the digital directional keys in Lobby

  • Fixed an issue with using a controller for the first time Hyper Universe is launched via Steam


Text Fixes

  • Fixed a text issue on Traitor’s Greatsword death affect that applies when the player revives

  • Gold Win of the Day has been changed to Daily Gold

  • Fixed a formatting issue on Louis’ Dempsey Roll (R) skill

Known Issues

  • Captain Red Hyper Samples incorrectly show up as “Red” Hyper Samples

  • Weekend Cubes are incorrectly labeled as Weekly Cube

  • Liu’s provoke animation does not match the voice over

  • Some text is cut off on Captain Red’s Escuthcheon’s in-depth skill description

  • Steam controller is not auto detected when plugged in

  • PS4 controller displays the incorrect button on teleporting

  • Incorrect Xbox 360 button icons for Start and Back buttons

  • Remapping function does not stop recording button input properly

  • Keymapping with DualShock 4 displays debug Xbox text

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