Captain Red Saves the day in Hyper Universe!

February 06, 2018|hyper

Hey Hypers,

Get ready to crash the party with Captain Red! Captain Red is a motorcycle-riding Specialist who uses his team to help him beat down his enemies. Captain Red will be added to the game as part of our 4.1 patch on February 8th.

Skill Overview:

Passive - Special Force

Periodically generates Courage Charges, which are used by his other skills to summon squadmates for additional effects. Regular attacks speed up charge generation..

Captain’s Blade (A)

Swings the captain’s blade, inflicting damage to enemies. [Special Force Reinforcements] A squadmate delivers a quick stab, inflicting additional damage.

Captain’s Pistol (Q)

Fires the captain’s pistol, inflicting damage. [Special Force Reinforcements] A squadmate blasts the enemy for damage, reducing the enemy’s Move Speed.

Captain’s Escutcheon (W)

Bashes the enemy forward with the captain’s escutcheon, inflicting damage and stunning the enemy. Then strikes again, inflicting the same damage and stunning the enemy. [Special Force Reinforcements] After the charge, a squadmate crashes down, inflicting damage and downing the enemy.

Heart of Courage (E)

Captain Red calls upon his team’s Courage Power, doing more damage to enemies and taking less damage. [Special Force Reinforcements] A squadmate cheers Captain Red on, granting him the power to ignore restricting and interference effects except Grappled..

Special Force Vulcan (R)

Special Force assembles to fire their Special Force Vulcan, continuously inflicting damage and reducing Move Speed. Mash the indicated keys to determine how powerful the Special Force Vulcan is.

Using Captain Red’s Skills Effectively:

Captain Red is going to require some fairly strong resource balancing. Most of his skills have a regular version and a powered up version with “[Special Force Reinforcements]” text in them. His basic skills without the Courage Charges will work but not receive enhanced effects. An easy setup for yourself is to dash in, use Captain’s Escutcheon with a Courage Charge ready and then combo it directly into Special Force Vulcan when the enemy is downed on the ground. If someone is running away and you need to catch them use Heart of Courage to gain CC immunity and follow it up with Captain’s Pistol to slow them down as they run. You’ll be able to run through anything the throw at you and catch them before they can get away. Just be careful you don’t find yourself away from teammates with no Courage Charges available!

Recommended Build:

Slaughterer’s Gaiters, Mozer K47, Special Force Uniform, Breath of Fire, GAU-1 Avenger, Dragon’s Bane

Captain Red is a Specialist and therefore performs extremely well with a glass cannon type of build. The Special Force Uniform will grant you extra Courage Charges while the GAU-1 Avenger will supercharge his Ultimate. Both of these items will grant you higher attack and stopping power against enemies. Building both Mozer K47 and GAU-1 Avenger will grant you a large amount of Defense Bypass and Defense Penetration. There should be no one that can stand up to you for any length of time provided you can close the gap and fire a strong ultimate when they are stunned. Breath of Fire and Dragon’s Bane provide some additional large attack boosts for finishing enemies quickly. Just make sure to not get caught like a fish out of water and you’ll be at the top of the scoreboard in no time!

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

You can blast into the battlefield with Captain Red for a mere 15,000 GP or use a Hyper Coupon, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games.

Remember: Bad guys better watch out for Captain Red!

~Hyper Universe Team

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