Login Celebration Event

January 14, 2018|events

Hey Hypers!

In preparation for Official Launch, we ran two share events on Facebook. We set what we thought were very reasonable goals, and you guys blew those goals away. So, congratulations and welcome to our Login Celebration Event!


Pacific: Wednesday, 1/17/18 12:00 AM PST to Thursday, 1/25/18 12:00 AM PST
Eastern:  Wednesday, 1/17/18 3:00 AM EST to Thursday, 1/25/18 3:00 AM EST
Brazil: Wednesday, 1/17/18 6:00 AM BRST to Thursday, 1/25/18 6:00 AM BRST
London: Wednesday, 1/17/18 8:00 GMT to Thursday, 1/25/18 8:00 GMT

For the week after Official Launch, everyone who logs in to Hyper Universe and plays ONE regular or VS AI game will receive the following goodies:

  • 30 Hyper Cubes, containing samples for skins, Hypers, equipment slots, and emotes

  • 6 Hyper Coupons that can be used to redeem any Hyper not owned. Can be saved for future Hyper releases!

  • 1 Hyper Skin Coupon that can be used on any skin in the Hyper Shop. Can be saved for future skin releases!


Thank you all for participating in the share event and see you on the battlefield!

-Hyper Universe Team

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