Han sneaks his way into Hyper Universe!

January 11, 2018|hyper

Hey Hypers,

Get ready to hunt down your opponents as the Nine-Tailed Fox! Han is an extremely mobile Striker that will make your enemies dizzy as they try to pin him down. Han’s bag of tricks goes deep and this hyper will require a lot of skill and patience to master. Han will be added to the game as part of Official Launch on Wednesday the 17th.

Skill Overview:

Passive - Spirit Energy

Han’s attacks are infused with spirit energy and can ignore enemy Defense. The effect increases per enemy hyper defeated. Han also deals additional damage based on his Defense Penetration, in proportion to the enemy’s current health.

Nimble Fox (A)

Han’s perfect reflexes allow him to shoot an arrow and skillfully leap forward or backward, depending on the direction pressed.

Soul Mark (Q)

[Soul Mark] Han calls upon vengeful nature spirits to increase his Attack and Life Steal, and decrease enemy Movement Speed for every regular attack or Nimble Fox hit. Hits mark the enemy’s soul, and for the Duration Han can use Soul Drain if there at least one Soul Marked enemy nearby. [Soul Drain] The spirits of nature claw at the enemy’s soul, decreasing their Movement Speed. When the enemy has 2 or more marks, the damage and Movement Speed reduction increases for each mark. Han gains Health for every mark absorbed with Soul Drain.

Foxfire (W)

Han teleports forward, leaving a foxfire to mark his territory. Pressing the skill key again before the foxfire ends teleports Han back to it.

Spirit Shadow (E)

Han calls in the perfect support, a perfect clone of himself. The clone cannot move but has the same strength as Han himself. The clone uses regular attacks on the enemies within 900 units. Clone disappears when duration ends or Health reaches 0.

Nine-tailed Wrath (R)

Han releases the power of Nine-tailed Fox within him to increase his Max Health, Life Steal, and Movement Speed. Every Spirit Energy stack obtained increases the Duration.

Using Han’s Skills Effectively:

Han is an extremely mobile and hard to catch Hyper. His ability to move not only around the map, but around enemy Hypers in a battle is unmatched. You can start a fight against an enemy Hyper with Nimble Fox, or Foxfire if you need to close distance to them. Once you are fighting, you’ll want to lay down his Spirit Shadow for extra damage. Be cautious though, as the clone does have a health bar and can be killed, so be mindful of placement around towers. Once you’re in a fight with someone, use your Soul Mark to stack debuffs on the enemy until you reach max and then detonate them by using Soul Mark again. This is a high damage combo and will likely leave the enemy at low to no health. If you are getting overwhelmed be sure and use Foxfire to move around erratically, or to escape from enemies who are pursuing you. If you are in a good spot and can lay down unobstructed fire on the enemy, then make sure and use Nine-tailed Wrath to get the stat bonuses. If you use it along with Soul Mark you can do a fierce amount of damage in a short amount of time to an enemy. A word of caution for you;  Remember where you are placing your Foxfire. You don’t want to teleport back to your original fire only to find out it was under a Tower!

Recommended Build:

Cloud Moccasin,  Cursed Arrow, Breath of Fire, Headhunter, Dragon’s Bane, Fury of the Wild

The first thing that you will probably notice about this recommended build is that there are no boots. The custom item Cloud Moccasin is an extremely cheap item that will up your movement speed and use of his Nimble Fox skill. This is going to be your bread and butter skill to get out of trouble or engage on the enemy. We recommend Cursed Arrow as it gives a significant damage boost as well as a ranged attack distance boost. As for the rest of the items, it’s a fairly straight forward striker damage build. Breath of Fire will be almost always active due to the shortened cooldown on Nimble Fox and the increased damage from Dragon’s Bane and Fury of the Wild should make short work of anyone who isn’t a tank. Make sure you are getting kills as your Defense Penetration goes up the more kills you have!

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

You can blast into the battlefield with Han for a mere 15,000 GP or use a Hyper Coupon, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games.

Remember: The last tail is only a liver away!

~Hyper Universe Team

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