Tae'guk balances his harmony in Hyper Universe!

January 10, 2018|hyper

Hey Hypers,

Get ready to unleash your inner fire with Tae’guk! Tae’guk is a cold blooded Assassin that will end anyone who stands in his way. He can be extremely punishing to anyone caught out in the open and is difficult to take down even with a group. Tae’guk will be added to the game as part of Official Launch on Wednesday, the 17th.

Skill Overview:

Passive - Harmony

When Tae’guk channels  the void, he can extend his skills with linked attacks. The linked attack ignores all interference effects except Grappled.

Channel Energy (A)

When Tae’guk’s balance begins to suffer, he can meditate to recover harmony orbs, Health, and Mana.

Blade of Wind (Q)

Tae’guk slips through the air to strike his foes with a swift kick, launching them into the air. [Harmony Activation] Using a void orb lets him follow with a second flip.

Surge of Earth (W)

Tae’guk surges forward with a kick as solid as a mountain, pushing enemies and dealing damage. [Harmony Activation] Using a void orb lets him add a second kick that launches enemies.

Shield of Water (E)

Tae’guk meditates on the ebb and flow of water, allowing its energy to cover and protect him. Ignores all restricting and interference effects except Grappled. [Harmony Activation] Using a void orb lets him lift into the air and strike to either side, reducing Movement Speed.

Wave of Fire (R)

Tae’guk focuses his inner fire on his legs, crashing down with a fiery strike that damages, stuns, and pulls enemies to him. [Harmony Activation] Using void orbs lets Tae’guk cut loose with a three-hit finishing combination.

Using Tae’guk’s Skills Effectively:

Tae’guk is an extremely powerful Assassin in the right hands. His skills can quickly link together to make combos that will kill or incapacitate squishy targets very quickly. The important caveat to Tae’guk is that he quickly runs out of both Mana and Harmony Orbs. You’ll need to keep Channel Energy off of cooldown to be able to use it in the middle of a battle. You will not have enough orbs or Mana to string together all of your abilities at once. Remember that the full combo for his ultimate, Wave of Fire, requires TWO Harmony Orbs to be able to execute properly. This means you’ll need to prioritize which attacks you’ll burn the extra Harmony Orb on or choose to use Channel Energy in the middle of an engagement. If you find that you have run out of Harmony Orbs in the middle of a fight and it’s going South quickly, don’t forget to use your enhanced Shield of Water. Not only does it reduce damage taken, but it will ignore impairment effects from enemies. Blade of Wind and Surge of Earth will be your gap closers and engagement abilities. Just remember to plan out your attacks so you have the proper amount of Mana and Harmony Orbs. Tae’guk is not your standard run-and-gun button mashing Assassin. You’ll need to plan your attacks accordingly so be careful!

Recommended Build:

Twisted Energy,  Black Uniform, Dread Mantle, Shock Knuckles, Titan Combat Boots, Devil’s Jacket

Tae’guk has extremely high offense, but suffers from a low defense. This is combined with the fact that he really has no way of getting out of trouble if you are caught off guard by your enemy. For this Assassin, you’ll want to mix a healthy amount of defensive items with your offensive ones. Shock Knuckles provide a great boost to both offense and defense and were almost tailor made for Tae’guk. Twisted Energy gives Tae’guk more harmony orbs to spend in combat which equals more damage and longer life. Black Uniform upgrades his Shield of Water skill to also remove all interruption effects so he has a greater chance of disengaging when necessary.

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

You can blast into the battlefield with Tae’guk for a mere 15,000 GP or use a Hyper Coupon, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games.

Remember: He is not his brother’s keeper!

~Hyper Universe Team

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