Camilla Whips the Competition!

January 04, 2018|hyper

Hey Hypers,

Get ready to whip the competition soon with Camilla! She is a saucy succubus determined to feast on the dreams of her opponents. Her support kit allows her to pacify large groups of enemies at her will and will prove a devastating enemy if left unchecked. Camilla will be added to the game as part of patch 4.0 on Wednesday the 17th.

Skill Overview:

Passive - Night Terror

Spread dream's essence nearby and steal enemy hyper's Mana continuously.

Lash of Discipline (A)

Lashes whip, dealing damage. When an allied hyper is hit, increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed at the cost of 1% HP. 

Lash of Pleasure (Q)

Lashes whip, dealing damage. When an allied hyper is hit, increases Attack and Defense at the cost of 1% HP. 

Lucid Dream (W)

Closes her eyes to summon a damage absorption bubble that shields a hyper of her choice within 1,600 units. The hyper ignores all interference and restricting effects while the shield is active. 

Sweet Kiss (E)

Pull in all enemies in front and absorb their spirit, dealing damage and decreasing Mana. 

Charmed (R)

Camilla creates a field of desire that seduces enemy Hypers around her. Seduced Hypers become charmed by Camilla and follow her, ignoring all interference effects except Grappled during the Duration. Seduced Hypers cannot be charmed again for a certain amount of time.


Using Camilla’s Skills Effectively:

Camilla is a support through and through. She excels at keeping the enemy team CC’d and unable to do anything. However, she isn’t ONLY an enemy team menace, she can also whip her team into buffed states by using Lash of Pleasure and Lash of Pain. Using these skills against your OWN team will give them powerful buffs for short durations of time, specifically meant to be used right before team fights. If you need to single out an enemy or a group of enemies you can use her Sweet Kiss which will pull in enemy Hypers and drain their mana, leaving them temporarily vulnerable to a team attack. Once the team fight starts you’ll want give your Lucid Dream shield to a friendly teammate to shield them and then use Charmed to seduce the enemy team. Once they are charmed they will run towards Camilla, losing control of their character for a short duration and opening them up to your team for huge amounts of damage.

Recommended Build:

Nanostim Band,  Dread Mantle, Devil’s Perfume, Soul Lash, Titan Suit, Dragonhide Shoes

Camilla is an extremely powerful support unit. She won’t ever be on the frontline doing damage though, so keep that in mind. You want to build her with cooldown reduction and defense so she stays alive. You will be the one who can start an engagement and the one who can end one. Make sure to be ready to hop into the frontline and the center of combat having your Charmed ultimate ready to go, but also make sure you are building enough defense to stay alive once you do. Cooldown reduction will help make sure that you can fire your skills off over and over. Victory comes at the cost of whipping your teammates, don't forget!

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

You can blast into the battlefield with Camilla for a mere 15,000 GP or use a Hyper Coupon, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games. 

Remember: Your desires are mine!

~Hyper Universe Team

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