v3.8 Patch Notes

December 13, 2017|updates


  • Hongdukei has joined the fight for the Hyper Universe.

  • South America (Beta) Server has been reactivated to support the upcoming Free Steam Weekend event
  • Auto-run function has been added to the game. Pressing the CAPS key will auto-move your character in the direction you are currently facing.

  • The game loading screen has been updated with a new look.

UI and Menu Updates

  • You can check your own info and the info of others from the Hyper selection screen of all game modes. You can now view things such as "User Profile" and "Add friend" among others.

  • Chat channels have been adjusted from the “Strategy” rooms to region based rooms. You will now see North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

  • Additional support added for PS4 controllers. Selecting a PS4 wired or wireless controller now shows the correct button layouts for them.


  • Traditional / Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese have been added as supported languages. 

Dev Note: These new languages have had very little QA and are in preparation for the launch of the game in January. As with any new feature that hasn’t been fully field tested please be prepared to encounter bugs with text in these languages. You can report any text inconsistencies to us through the Forums HERE or ticketing system at https://support-hyperuniverse.nexon.net/hc/en-us.


  • 1% Health Restoration when out of combat has been added.

  • Siege Tank’s attacks now penetrate through Hypers. No more blocking turret shots when your base is under siege!

  • The max resurrection cooldown for Hypers has been changed to 60 seconds.

  • Monsters on 1st and 3rd floor center now drop a ward when killed.


Blue Rose

[Skill] Heart Stab

  • Damage decreased roughly by 15%


[Skill] Zealous Bulwark

  • Damage from enemies decreased from 20% to 15%


Regular Attack

  • Damage Factor raised from 0.9 to 0.95

[Skill] Double-tap

  • Damage increased roughly by 5%


[Skill] Wicked Bolts

  • Damage raised by +15% and move speed decreased by 30% for 2 sec when hit


[Skill] Monster Shock

  • Changed: Health restoration formula adjusted – The previous attack ratio/factor has been roughly lowered by 20% and a health ratio/factor has been added proportional to max health (1.5%)

[Skill] Shock Wave

  • Cooldown lowered from 12 seconds to 11 seconds


[Skill] Mode Shift

Guardian Mode

  • Defense increase raised from 5+(2x skill level) to 10+(2x skill level)

Assault Mode

  • Attack increase raised from 5+(2x skill level) to 10+(2x skill level)


HE Concussive Rounds [Unique to Blue Rose]

Exclusive effect (3 Stage)

  • Additional Damage lowered from 5% to 4% of max health

Breastplate of Aquinas [Unique to Valter]

Exclusive Effects (Stage 4)

  • Lowered health cap needed for activation from 15% to 10%

Luminous Shield [Unique to Valter]

Exclusive effect (3 Stage)

  • Lowered extra defensive stance duration from 2 seconds to 1 second

Soul Sphere (Common for all Hypers)

Exclusive Effects (Stage 4)

  • Lowered Crystal Power duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds


  • Zet will no longer become invincible when he activates Emergency Code GDX when falling from a ladder.

  • Hypers can no longer avoid turret shots by moving up between floors using ladders.

  • Fixed the error where the light wavers/shakes when some Hypers use their skills

  • Players will no longer be unable to surrender in a custom match with 3 or less players.


  • Super Secret Special Holiday Emblem from the Holiday Advent Surprise event will require a client restart once you receive it.

  • Requirements for ranked mode still list level 20 as the minimum level to join. You will correctly be able to join at level 5.

Thank you.

-Hyper Universe Team

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