Hongdukei rolls into battle!

December 07, 2017|hyper

Hey Hypers,

Get ready to run amok on the competition soon with Hongdukei! He is a big, bad mythical creature that will brute force his way to victory this Thursday, the 14th. If you get in his way he will hunt you down and trap you into his gourd, and you don’t want to be in the gourd...

Skill Overview:

Mighty Strike (A)

Swings at the enemy with his mighty club doing damage. Has a 50% chance to do increased damage.

Lay Low (Q)

Grab an enemy in front of you and tosses them to the ground, downing them for 1 second and doing damage.

Dokkaebi Step (W)

Teleports 900 units ahead and does damage to all enemies within 300 units of the location. Enemies affected by the teleport step have their movement speed reduced by 30% for 3 seconds. Hongdukei takes 40% reduced damage for 2.5 seconds after landing.

Belly Bash (E)

Slams enemies in front of you doing damage and knocking them back 700 units.

 Strange Gourd (R)

Grabs the closest enemy within 700 units and puts them into the gourd, doing fixed damage over time. While the enemy is in the gourd they are sealed and cannot use any action. While Hongdukei has an enemy in the gourd he has a 50% reduced movement speed and cannot use accessories. Pressing the button again before the end of the duration will toss the enemy out, doing damage and downing them for 1 second. If the duration ends before letting the enemy out, the seal breaks and Hongdukei will be downed for .8 seconds.

Using Hongdukei’s Skills Effectively:

Hongdukei excels at both crowd control and chasing down lone enemies. Because of his ability to use Strange Gourd on a single enemy, you can close the gap between you and them with Dokkaebi Step and use Lay Low immediately after to down them. Once they are down, you can use Strange Gourd in an inescapable combo to get them under your control. At this point walk them to the closest tower or group of your teammates and you can dump them out and damage them. This combo effectively singles out a member of the enemy team with few actions they can take to stop it. Also, do not forget that just trapping an enemy such as a Tank in Strange Gourd can remove the enemy’s front line entirely for the duration of the fight.

Recommended Build:

Evening Star, Task Force Shield, Eternal Ice Crystal, Tiger Pipe, Titan Suit, Dragonhide Shoes

The most important part of this build is his ability to stay alive.  Hongdukei is an excellent crowd controller, but you can’t crowd control if you’re dead. You’ll want to make sure that you are building enough defense and health to be able to jump into the middle of a fight and get out alive. With skills like Dokkaebi Step you’ll be able to get INTO a fight… and only your defensive items will get you out. Be sure and build a good amount of health regen as Hongdukei does not have any way to regenerate his own health. Stay alive long enough to seal enemy Hypers in your Gourd, crowd control them down and win fights for your team. You ARE the front line.

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

You can blast into the battlefield with Hongdukei for a mere 15,000 GP or use a Hyper Coupon, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games. Hongdukei will be added to the game as part of patch 3.8 on Thursday the 14th.

Remember: Bottoms up!

~Hyper Universe Team

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