v3.4 Patch Notes

October 18, 2017|updates

General Game Changes

New Hyper

  • Shasha has been added. Find out more HERE.

Enemy AI Difficulty Adjustment

For AI Matches, we found that our world dominating AI was a bit too powerful. In order to prevent complete world domination we had to tune it down a little to give players a chance. There will slight adjustments with the average experience and gold gained with only the Veteran and Elite AIs. This way they will be a bit more human and less efficient at farming gold.

Cube System Update

  • The overall experience of opening cubes will be improved. You can now open up to 20 cubes at once.

Balance Changes

General Hyper Changes

  • Damage Dispersion for projectile attacks

    • Previous: 1 time/2 times/3 times/4 times 100%/65%/30%/30%

    • Changed: 1 time/2 times/3 times/4 times 100%/70%/40%/40%

Dev Note: Strikers are not dealing the type of damage we're expecting from them. Therefore, we are improving the damage dispersion on projectile attacks.


  • System Restore

    • Previous:  Defense increases by 10+(Skill level x2) for 8 sec.

    • Changed:  Defense increases by 5+(Skill level x2)  for 6 sec.


  • Shadow Step

    • Previous: Hide in the shadow and go into the Stealth mode for 15 sec.

    • Changed: Hide in the shadow and go into the Stealth mode for 13 sec.

  • Killing Blow

    • Change: range - 100

Dev NoteWe wanted to maintain the effectiveness of Kurenai's skill combos, but also give time for players to react to it. Therefore, the hit range of Killing Blow and the duration of Shadow Step has been slightly tweaked.


  • Zealous Bulwark

    • Previous: Hold the shield and get into defensive stance for 6 sec.

    • Changed: Hold the shield and get into defensive stance for 4.5 sec.

Dev Note: Valter specializes in neutralizing the enemy's attack. However, his shield holds up for far too long (almost the entire duration of a single fight). To ensure that he becomes more decisive during critical moments, the timer for his shield will be slightly reduced.

Curse Eye

  • Slobber Shield

    • Barrier application amount increases by +10%

  • Living Breath

    • HP restoration increases by +10%

Dev Note: Curse Eye's popularity is extremely low compared to other Supports.  To improve his effectiveness during a team fight,  the overall value of ‘Slobber Shield’ and ‘Living Breath’ has been buffed.


  • Monster Shock

    • HP restoration increases by +10%

Equipment balance changes

Taser Protect (Shared)

  • Exclusive Effect (Stage 5 - based on level 1)

    • Previous: When hit, generates electric explosion that does 44+ (4% based on the user's HP) damage within 400 unit.

    • Changed: When hit, generates electric explosion that does 44+(3% based on the user's HP) damage within 400 unit.

Cursed Sword (Shared)

  • Price

    • Previous: 5296 Gold

    • Changed: 5682 Gold

Bugs and Fixes

Fixed Issues

  • Blue Rose and Signal's Recolor skins can now be crafted through the cube system.

    • Blue Rose - Red Qipao

    • Signal - The First

Known Issues

  • Daily Login reward GP is not instantly added to the account. You may need to relog.
  • Blessings of Salvation tooltip will not update to show the current health restoration rate.
  • Curse Eye and Signal will not recover from blind status affect if they hold down the Regular Attack button.
  • Zet's Emergency Code GDX will act inconsistently with "On-death" equipment.
  • Cain's Abyssal Ward tooltip does not reflect that the detonation effect should not be mirrored on Contracted allies.
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