Delta Station

Originally a planetary research station outside the ravages of war, the facility was taken over by an alien scout vessel. Now it serves as a military outpost for the invaders, commanded by a powerful captain. Unseating him is key to reclaiming the station, but it won't be easy.


You can use springs to move to the floor above. Press the left or right arrow keys to move in a direction after jumping. Springs recharge every 10 seconds, up to 2 charges.

Warp Portal

Use the warp portals to warp to other parts of the map. Press the Space key to activate the warp portal, choose your destination using the arrow keys, and hit the Enter key to warp. Each warp will cost you 200g.


Use ladders to move to different floors. Press Jump to climb the ladder quickly, and left/right arrow keys and jump together to jump off. Press Space in front of a ladder to shake it causing any Hyper on it to fall.

Tower One

All Hypers start at their base, and reappear here when killed in battle. The base will both heal allies and fire on enemies. Destroying the enemy base means victory for your team. You may only attack the base once either inner defense turret is down.

Holo Tile

A tile that can be used to jump down to a lower floor. It is very useful when trying to move quickly between floors or escape.

Tower Two

An Inner defense Tower that attacks enemy Hypers and enemy minions. It will focus on any enemy who attacks an allied Hyper within range. You must destroy the Outer Defense Tower in the lane before you attack the inner.

Normal monsters

The strongest of these troops will drop permanent buffs for Hypers upon their death.

Tower Three

An outer defense Tower that attacks enemy Hypers and enemy minions. It will focus on any enemy who attacks an allied Hyper within range. An Outer Tower must be destroyed before moving onto inner Towers in the lane.

Elite monsters

These enemies have higher HP and defense than the normal counterparts. They drop temporary buffs for Hypers upon their death.

Key Features


Towers are what stand between you and the enemy. Each team has both Inner and Outer Towers that will guard against attack from enemy Hypers and minions. Taking down the enemy towers brings you one step closer to victory. Destroy the enemies Home Base Tower to secure victory for your team.

Neutral Monsters

Minions that will attack intruders when provoked. They are only puppets for the invader.

Invader Mark-1

A mysterious figure from the highest ranks of the alien forces, this commander holds sway over the entire station. This enemy has two forms of increasing difficulty that will drop gold and a temporary buff for your team.

Invader Mark-2

A second form of the Invader that shows up when the first has been demolished. Coming back with higher defense and attack power, this boss is sure to test your strength. Drops gold, buffs and siege tanks to the Hyper that collects them when The Invader is defeated.



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