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October 22, 2018|updates

Hello Hypers,

The release of the October content update brings two new Hypers to Hyper Universe; Doctor Schmidt and Captain Red.  Ranked mode is introduced to get your competitive juices flowing.    Players who level a Hyper to Hyper Level 10 will unlock special skins to show off their mastery.  There is also special event to unlock the Model Student Yuna skin.  And October wouldn’t be complete without a Halloween party.  The Halloween Party Pack, with spooky and special skins will be on sale as part of the Xbox Shocktober Sale from the 23rd through the 31st.

New Hyper:  Dr. Schmidt

The Doctor is in!  Armed with a giant syringe he uses to inject toxins into enemies Dr. Schmidt is a fleet footed support with great sustainability.  Dr. Schmidt uses a variety of poisons to damage and debuff enemies.  Dr. Schmidt can collect gene samples from fallen foes and his ultimate ability allows him to use those samples to permanently buff stats for himself or his teammates.  The Mad Surgeon and Plague Doctor skins are available in the Hyper Shop or can purchased as part of the Doctor Schmidt Premium Pack along with the Doctor’s emotes, unique equipment, and an extra equipment slot.

New Hyper:  Captain Red

Captain Red is a specialist who never fights alone.  Red’s Special Force passive generates Courage Charges which summon squad mates to fight alongside him, increasing the damage of his special abilities.  Using Captain Red’s special abilities when his squad mates are available is the key to pumping out damage with this fearless Hyper.  Captain Red’s Sky Captain and Dragon Force skins can be purchased in the Shop or as part of the Captain Red Premium Pack.  The Captain Red Premium Pack also includes Red’s emotes, unique equipment and an extra equipment slot.

Ranked Mode (Preseason)

This October update sees the introduction of Ranked play.  Compete against the best Hyper Universe players to establish who is best in this new mode.

Ranked Mode uses Draft Pick for Hyper selection, ensuring there are no mirror matches and allowing teams to ban two Hypers from Hyper selection.  Ranked matches play out only on Delta Station.

To play in Ranked Mode you must have reached account level 15 and have 12 Hypers available to choose from (including the Hypers in the free rotation).

By playing 10 qualification matches, you will earn a rank.  After your 11th match you will appear on the leader boards.  Once you have earned a rank it will fluctuate based on your wins and losses in Ranked play (wins and losses in other modes will not impact your rank).

Any player who wins 30 matches will earn the Allen Forgotten Hero Skin!

Ranked Mode is currently in preseason.  Rankings will be reset with the November update at which time Ranked Mode will officially kick off.

Surrender System

A Surrender System has been added for Ranked and Quick Match play.  If a teammate leaves a match, players on the team that is missing a teammate will have the option to surrender after 3 minutes.  The 3 minute buffer is in place to give your teammate time to rejoin the match in case they were disconnected.

After 3 minutes, players can find the Surrender option in the Options menu.  All remaining teammates must agree to surrender in order to surrender and award victory to the opposing team.

Mastery Skins

 Any Hyper you level to Hyper Level 10 will now unlock a special skin for you to show off your mastery and dedication to your chosen Hyper.  As players level up they unlock Hyper Evaluation Reports in the Story Menu.  The report tells you how you have been doing with your chosen Hyper.  When you hit Hyper Level 10 you will unlock the 3rd report and your mastery skin.


Hyper Shop Update

We have added a number of items to the Hyper Shop in this build.  Captain Red, Dr. Schmidt and their skins have been added to the shop.  We have also added Premium Packs for both characters ($9.99 apiece).  We also have a limited time Halloween Party Pack that unlocks skins 6 different Hypers and their Halloween costumes (skins).  The Halloween Party Pack can purchased for $24.99.  The skins have also been added to the Shop for individual purchase.


Halloween Party Pack

Happy Hyper-ween!!  Throw your own Halloween party with these spooky and kooky skins.  The Halloween Party Pack Contains the following items:


  • Black Witch Cain
  • Jack O’ Lantern Green Pit Bull
  • Godfather Migenhardt
  • Riot Cop Tatyana
  • Relic Hunter Blue Rose
  • Devil Hunter Turner
  • Mummy Curse Eye


  • Blue Rose
  • Cain
  • Curse eye
  • Green Pit Bull
  • Migenhardt
  • Tatyana
  • Turner

Shockober Sale

As part of the Xbox Shocktober Sale both the Halloween Party Pack and the Dr. Schmidt Premium pack are available for 20% off.

From October 23rd through October 31st the Halloween Party Pack can be purchased for $19.99 (normally $24.99).

The Dr. Schmidt Premium Pack can be purchased from $7.99 (normally $9.99) during the Shocktober Sale.

The following items are available in the Hyper Shop:

  • Captain Red (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Captain Red Premium Pack ($9.99)
  • Captain Red Dragon Force Skin (8,000 Quarks)
  • Captain Red Sky Captain Skin (4,000 Quarks)
  • Dr. Schmidt (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Dr. Schmidt Premium Pack ($9.99; $7.99 during Shocktober)
  • Dr. Schmidt Plague Doctor Skin (8,000 Quarks)
  • Dr. Schmidt Mad Surgeon Skin (4,000 Quarks)
  • Cain Black Witch Skin (8,000 Quarks)
  • Green Pit Bull Jack O’ Lantern Skin (8.000 Quarks)
  • Blue Rose Relic Hunter Skin (8,000 Quarks)
  • Migenhardt Godfather Skin (8,000 Quarks)
  • Tatyana Riot Cop Skin (8,000 Quarks)

Model Student Yuna Event

Players who compete in 10 matches between October 23rd and November 13th will unlock the Model Student Yuna skin.  Quick Match, Ranked and A.I. matches all count toward this event.  (Custom matches do not count for this event).

New Features and Improvements

Ranked Mode added.

Surrender System added to allow players to surrender after a teammate leaves without incurring matchmaking penalties.

Mastery Skins added for all players who level a specific Hyper to Hyper Level 10.

Improvements to the Ability descriptions when pressing the Change View button during a match.

Various text fixes.

Various localization improvements.

Fixed an issue with pagination with a players Xbox Marketplace inventory.  




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