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December 03, 2018|updates

Hello Hypers,

We have a cornucopia of new content for the December Update.  5 new Hypers join Hyper Universe:  Asura, Hulahula, Lyn, Maya and Sonny Boy.  We also have added a bevy of Holiday themed skins as well as additional Epic skins for many of your favorite Hypers.  Pre-Season is over and Ranked Mode officially begins.  Players who reach Silver I will earn the Sonny Boy skin for Sonya.  Players who reach Gold I will earn the Psion Ignitia skin.

New Hyper: Asura

Cold logic combines with cold steel for the cyborg Asura.  This Hyper boasts powerful sword strikes and excels in pursuing enemy Hypers.  Asura’s highly offense oriented combat style comes at the cost of survivability and a high skill floor.  The Blade of Vengeance and Cyber Ninja skins are available in the Hyper Shop or can purchased as part of the Asura Premium Pack along with the Asura’s emotes, unique equipment, and an extra equipment slot. 

New Hyper: Hulahula

This wandering cactus gives as good as he takes.  Hulahula’s high defenses and water shields allows this hyper to soak up damage for his allies and his thorns enable him to reflect that damage back to his enemies.  He can even captivate his opponents temporarily during battle with his musical talents. The Yellow Cactus and Little Hopper skins are available in the Hyper Shop or can purchased as part of the Hulahula Premium Pack along with Hulahula’s emotes, unique equipment, and an extra equipment slot.

 New Hyper: Lyn

Very few Hypers can keep up with Lyn. As one of the most mobile Hypers in the game, she can easily keep pressure on enemies or conversely dodge enemy pursuits.  Lyn is able to deal both sustained and burst damage. Raising her max mana is key as her damage and skills are directly affected by that limit. Eldora’s Fire and Blue Night Fog are available in the Hyper Shop or can purchased as part of the Lyn Premium Pack along with the Lyn’s emotes, unique equipment, and an extra equipment slot.

 New Hyper: Maya

 Maya can initiate battles or defend her allies according to the situation.  Her Wall of Life skill can divide and separate both allies and and enemies on the battlefield.  Mastering Maya requires great situational awareness as this skill can prove help as well as hinder allies.  She supports her allies with boosts, heals, and terrain control. The Daughter of Dawn and Little Princess skins are available in the Hyper Shop or can purchased as part of the Maya Premium Pack along with the Maya’s emotes, unique equipment, and an extra equipment slot.

New Hyper: Sonya

Sonya is a master at taking down her opponents.  Opponents caught by her Hip Throw skill can immediately be taken out of position.  Besides forcibly moving enemies into a disadvantageous potion, she can follow up with other skills preventing them from moving or using their abilities which allows her allies to lay down the hurt.  The Red Uniform and Mighty Descendant skins are available in the Hyper Shop or can purchased as part of the Sonya Premium Pack along with the Sonya’s emotes, unique equipment, and an extra equipment slot.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode begins in earnest.  Ranked mode wont have seasons, and instead will be constant.  Players who attain Silver I will earn the Sonny Boy Sonya Skin.  Players who reach Gold I will  be given the Psion Ignitia skin.  And of course any player who wins 30 Ranked matches will still earn get the Forgotten Hero Allen Skin.

Pre-Season ranks will be rest, but progress for earning the Forgotten Hero Allen Skin will remain.

A quick review of Ranked Mode for new players or any current players who haven't tried it already:

Ranked Mode uses Draft Pick for Hyper selection, ensuring there are no mirror matches and allowing teams to ban two Hypers from Hyper selection.  Ranked matches play out only on Delta Station.

To play in Ranked Mode you must have reached account level 15 and have 12 Hypers available to choose from (including the Hypers in the free rotation).

By playing 10 qualification matches, you will earn a rank.  After your 11th match you will appear on the leader boards.  Once you have earned a rank it will fluctuate based on your wins and losses in Ranked play (wins and losses in other modes will not impact your rank).


Hyper Shop Update

We have added a number of new Epic Skins to the Hyper Shop.  We have also changed how skins can be purchased.  In addition to purchasing skins for Quarks they can now also be purchased using GP.  Epic Skins are 30,000 GP and Rare Skins can be purchased for 20,000 GP.

In honor of the Holiday season we have added the following skins to the Shop:

  • Santa’s Slayer Sapitelbub (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Snowy Santa Aisha (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Winter Graduate Lyn (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Winter’s Allure Camilla (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

And stuff your stockings we have also added even more Epic Skins:

  • Cloaked Highborn Celine (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Fair Maiden Celine (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Pure Bride Victoria (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Kid Fairy Shasha (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Nuclear Punch Louis (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Survivor Ryta (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Rifleman Turner (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • The Last Warrior Athena (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Bunny Girl Pinky (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Idol Yuna (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Shadowstalker Han (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

  • Office Intern Jennifer (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)

And of course the new Hypers and their skins are all available in the Shop for purchase individually, or you can get all the goodies for the new Hypers with their Premium Pack on Xbox Live Marketplace for $9.99.

  • Asura (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Asura Premium Pack ($9.99)
  • Asura Cyber Ninja Skin (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)
  • Asura Blade of Vengeance Skin (20,000 GP/4,000 Quarks)
  • Hulahula (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Hulahula Premium Pack ($9.99)
  • Hulahula Little Hopper Skin (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)
  • Hulahula Yellow Cactus Skin (20,000 GP/4,000 Quarks)
  • Lyn (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Lyn Premium Pack ($9.99)
  • Lyn Blue Night Fog Skin (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)
  • Lyn Eldora's Fire Skin (20,000 GP/4,000 Quarks)
  • Maya (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Maya Premium Pack ($9.99)
  • Maya Little Princess Skin (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)
  • Maya Daughter of Dawn Skin (20,000 GP/4,000 Quarks)
  • Sonya (15,000 GP/2,500 Quarks)
  • Sonya Premium Pack ($9.99)
  • Sonya Mighty Descendant Skin (30,000 GP/8,000 Quarks)
  • Sonya Red Uniform Skin (20,000 GP/4,000 Quarks)


Bug Fixes and Changes

Battle Servers have been consolidated to North America and the server location UI has been removed.

The ability to purchase skins with GP has been added.

Improved clarity for the message when a Ranked Match is canceled because a player does not select a Hyper.  Previously the message had just said the match was canceled without stating why.

Players will be notified via pop-up message when they are demoted from Bronze 5 to Rookie.

Yuna's Plasma Cutter passive animation has been adjusted.

Various text and localization fixes.


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