Special Launch Events

August 06, 2018|events

Xbox-Exclusive Allen Skin

Between August 7 and September 10, you can earn an Xbox-exclusive skin for Allen! Here's how to get it:

  • You can gain Allen as a playable Hyper by completing the Prologue. The Prologue will teach you the basics of Hyper Universe with Allen as your guide!
  • To get the exclusive skin, you must win 10 Quickplay or A.I. Matches (Custom Matches will not count toward this event).
  • You can view your progress on the main menu by checking the mission titled "Battle Your Way To Victory."
  • Once you win 10 matches, you'll receive Allen's Aurora's Blade skin!

100% EXP Boost

In addition to this mission, for our launch week we will also have a 100% EXP Boost in place, so get out there and start racking up as many levels as possible!


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